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Très bien!
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Trés bonne germination de la forme Coréenne Robby
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Merci beaucoup pour tes photos Robby
MessagePosté le: Sam 09 Mar 2013, 18:56    Sujet du message: Iris ensata var. spontanea

I grow 3 specimen of Iris ensata var. spontanea: 1 derived from Japanese seeds and 2 from Korean ones (but one of this has not flowered yet).

Iris ensata var. spontanea (from Japan)

Iris ensata var. spontanea (from Korea 1)

I bought these plants from an English nursery with locality data. They have smalll differences in color shades (one is bluest, the other is reddish). The signal have some differences, also. But it is very difficult to distinguish them without label...:D

I love these wild forms for their elegant simplicity. In addition, I suggest to their places of origin.

(If the size of the photos are too large I can reduce)

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