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'fourfold blue' est intÚressant car il est tetraplo´de et donc fertile . Mais mieux vaut l'hybrider avec un autre versilaev ou autres beardless tetraplo´des .
Christophe de Bordeaux
MessagePostÚ le: Sam 25 Mai 2013, 21:54    Sujet du message:

Thanks for sharing Roberto. I can't wait to have my pond carved (or dug) ! I could so planted more bog irises
Gerard Raffaelli
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Thanks for the pic. Nice irises !
I have few ones, but they will bloom in a week, may beů
MessagePostÚ le: Sam 25 Mai 2013, 17:36    Sujet du message: Deux hybrides de Tamberg

In this period many wetland irises are in bloom.
In this photo you can see two Tamberg's hybrids that, at first sight, can be mistaken: Iris 'Fourfold Blue' (Versilaev), on the left, and Iris 'Sumpfprinzessin' (Iris virginica x ?).

I grow these Irises all year inside a pond with 4 cm of water over the crown.

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